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400+ words answers

Prove all that you are cleverer than they, rules simple to establish a game and pass it up to the end, and then force to play this game of people what consider you sillier, than they are.
Game process division into two parts, syllables and photos, press a photo learn that it means and make the answer of syllables. Good luck.

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Guess The Quote answers

But there is one problem,one word is missed.What?
How good do you sort out in literature?
Do you have knowledge to complete the quote?

It is very simply!
Real pleasure!
No rules and restrictions!
Everything depends on you and your knowledge!
Tips will always help you!

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4 pics 1 word answers

The game is suitable for the whole family, for fans of puzzles, riddles and crosswords.

Simple rules:
Once the game starts, you will see 4 pictures and letters. Find the similarities between pictures - this is a hidden word. Enter it using the available characters.
If you have any difficulties - you can use the tips!

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Words With Emojis answers

Bored with the usual picture / trivia puzzles? Let's play with Emojis!
Match out the English words with the Emojis, in this simple and addictive game. 

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Word Mania answers

WordMania, the best word challenge game for you! Find specific word in hidden letters, and practice to be a real word master.

It is the best word finder and word search game for both child and adult. Everyone needs to exercise brain training of words. In Word Mania, all words were hidden in mixing letter, your goal is to find all of them out! But you have to find them in correct order.

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120 Photo Crosswords II answers

Each crossword contains words that are associated with the photo above it. Guess the words and solve all levels! Tap the picture to zoom in for a closer look. Some answers are obvious, others are quite tricky. This game is an excellent exercise for your brain!

• Many challenging levels.
• Play in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
• Fun new way to play crosswords.

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Word Grid answers

This is a word puzzle for true word geniuses! It starts out very easy but gets challenging quickly. Find the hidden words, and slide your finger over them and unlike most games like this, the letter tiles to not fall down. Do it all in the correct order and you will be able to clear the grid.

As you get stuck on a level, which you probably will, remember that there are no unsolvable levels and there are hints at your disposal so think carefully before each swipe and conquer the great word challenge while keeping your brain in shape!

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Synonyms & Antonyms (The Game) answers

How good are you at finding Synonyms and Antonyms?
Test yourself with this exciting game!
A simple and easy game for many hours of fun.
A large number of levels so you never get bored.
Ideal game for all ages.

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Words with Sweets answers

Lollipops, candy canes, toffee, jelly beans, chocolate truffles, nougat... yummy! Mr. Sweets likes them all! We are not sure what kind of animal Mr. Sweets is, but we do know that his big blue eyes always beg for one more candy. Unscramble the letters, find more words, and feed the cute sugar-craving creature!

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2 Clues: Words and Syllables answers

Look at the pictures and find all the words.

Each picture means something: an emotion, a verb, an adjective or a noun. It is up to you to find the answer! Tap on the picture to zoom in and try to find the answer! Some clues are simple and some are more difficult. If you like word games or puzzle game, this word game is for you!

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